Managing anxiety in times of uncertainty and decreasing revenue

Take stock of what is certain

Full transparency with the team

  • what I estimated the worst-case scenario to be,
  • what we had in the bank,
  • where we could cut costs should we need to, and most importantly,
  • that everyone’s job was safe.

Positive focus

Calm week

Get perspective

Managing financial anxiety

  • money we’ve spent,
  • money we’ve made,
  • what we have to spend in the coming months (already committed / essential)
  • what we could spend in the coming months, and
  • what we forecast we will make, and
  • how much we have in the bank.

Planning in uncertainty

Staying informed

  • Created an internal daily dashboard specifically for C19, showing ticket sales, event creations, sign ups, and online event activity vs normal events.
  • Surveyed users to ask what they think will happen, what their plans are, and how we can support them. (We usually offer a chance to win a voucher as an incentive to fill out the survey. This time we are donating £1 for every response to MSF, and the uptake has been huge — more than 10% of people we contacted have filled out the survey.)
  • Created a Slack channel to share relevant news stories for our industry.
Our C19 Slack channel

Feel the positives

Our online scavenger hunt

Give everyone a break




Founder / director of (@tickettailor).

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Jonny White

Jonny White

Founder / director of (@tickettailor).

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