• Ben B Nguyen

    Ben B Nguyen

    Founder of @KANDSTech, the best .NET AND MOBILE Software Consultancy in London . Feeding family first then startup.

  • Tom Peters

    Tom Peters

    technology | startups | sport & fashion | sneakerhead | mentoring | snow & cold places | music |

  • Andrew Crump

    Andrew Crump

    Founder, product/growth person, and thinker. CEO WRKBR and GrowGrowGrow. Previously EIR @Seedcamp, Grad/mentor @500. Advisor to some.

  • Andrew Holmes

    Andrew Holmes

    Software engineer, data scientist, angel investor; previously quant. Focused on #machinelearning and #AI.

  • Matt Studdert

    Matt Studdert

    Front-end/JavaScript developer who loves to build useful products. Creator of Frontend Mentor (https://www.frontendmentor.io).

  • James Ski

    James Ski

    Founder Sales Confidence | Partnerships Drift

  • Violeta


    Multipassionate coach for creative rebels, who are tired of following everyone else's rules and want to kick ass in their own way. http://violetanedkova.com

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